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The Benefits of Condo Living

March 28, 2019

Living in a condominium is an entirely different experience than living in a single-family home or renting an apartment, and offers an array of benefits and lifestyle options that cannot be found anywhere else.

Lock-and-leave lifestyle
“First and foremost, one of the biggest reasons people prefer condo living is that it’s a lock-and-leave lifestyle,” said Uri Vaknin, a partner at of KRE Capital, which owns the DK Las Vegas portfolio of condos. “You don’t have to deal with the hassles of owning a stand-alone home. You have more time to focus on the things you truly enjoy, instead of having to mow the lawn or clean the pool.”

Some condos offer an array of luxurious amenities, including fitness centers, pools, spas, full-time security and concierge staff. “There is a high level of service and on-site amenities in condominium communities,” Vaknin said. “Further, the security features are a huge selling point. Residents feel a sense of security knowing there is controlled access into the community, as well as courtesy officers, concierges to accept packages and more.”

Because there are shared amenity and recreational spaces, people living in condos have ample opportunities to get to know their neighbors and create a sense of community. Some condominium communities also have lifestyle directors who coordinate ongoing events and social gatherings for residents.

Condos are often located in dense, urban areas that afford residents the ability to walk or bike to local businesses, rather than having to drive. They also tend to be more sustainable and eco-friendly than many stand-alone homes.

Who should consider a condo?
According to Vaknin, condos are especially popular for young professionals, singles, empty-nesters, retirees and busy families with children.

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