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Condos Come in Assorted Styles and Sizes to Match Lifestyle Preferences

Like single-family homes, condominiums come in various sizes, styles and configurations. Some condo buyers prefer the openness and flexibility of loft living while others prefer permanent walls. Some long for a townhouse with an outdoor stoop from which to wave to passing neighbors and others favor a penthouse rivaling the size of a luxury single-family home. Then there’s the small business owner who wants to declutter a home office by purchasing a two-story live/work condo complete with a street-level storefront.

From first-time homebuyers and those with growing families to work-at-home entrepreneurs and retirees ready to right-size their lifestyle, condominium living continues to be a draw for Las Vegas home buyers.

Yet, with so many distinct personal preferences, does Las Vegas offer diversity in condo styles?

Fortunately, the innovators with DK Las Vegas, which owns a portfolio of condos including Juhl and One Las Vegas, carefully thought through the needs, desires and personal preferences of a wide range of Las Vegas condo buyers.

Take Juhl, for instance. While all Juhl one- and two-story condominiums have the flexibility of open-floor-plan loft living, buyers can choose residences that offer delineated bedrooms and dens. There are even two-story townhome styles that include an outdoor entrance with a front-stoop.  And recently, Juhl introduced a two-story work/live condo with a store-front. Juhl’s penthouses epitomize modern luxury living!

“While condos come in many styles and varieties to suit a range of lifestyle preferences, the advantages of all condos are consistent regardless of size and style, said Uri Vaknin, a partner at KRE Capital, which owns the Las Vegas condo portfolio in partnership with Dune Real Estate Partners.

“Reduced footprints, lower maintenance, increased security and hotel-like amenities are among the advantages of condo living enjoyed by everyone.  And given an increasing consumer preference for a more experiential lifestyle, the days of dreaming about a home with a white picket fence are increasingly a thing of the past.”

Vaknin offers a few ways to identify the different types of condos to help determine what’s best for you.


According to Vaknin, the loft-style condominium lends itself to modern, contemporary living. Loft condominiums feature open floor plans often with floor-to-ceiling windows and industrial touches like exposed brick and ductwork. “Buyers love the flexibility of an interior that’s a blank canvas,” said Vaknin. “Buyers can put walls anywhere or nowhere. When the mood or need strikes, they can start over and redesign as they see fit.”


Live/Work condominiums are becoming increasingly popular among people who run their own businesses. The condos are made up of both residential living and commercial space. The commercial space is located on the ground floor with at least one floor of residential above. Typically, the size of the residential living space is about equal to or greater than the amount of commercial space. 


Penthouses are located on the top floors of a building, usually a high-rise, and tout the best views and glamorous amenities. Square-footage can rival the size of luxury single-family homes. “Many people are drawn to the prestige of having a penthouse suite,” Vaknin said.


Brownstone-style condos come with all the amenities of a condo community but offer a private entrance to the street. “Most condos don’t activate the street, but the brownstone style does,” Vaknin said. “The brownstones at Juhl have an outside entrance, which is also great for people with pets. They also have a stoop, which you don’t typically find in Las Vegas.”


For those who are drawn to modern condos but don’t want an open floor plan, delineated spaces are a great option. “Delineated condos are more traditional in that they’re separated into multiple rooms,” Vaknin said. “Some people prefer these spaces because they grant more privacy.”