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Balconies Bring Out the Best in Human Nature, Enjoy Increasing Value and Appreciation from Residents at Juhl and One Las Vegas


Around the world, terraces and balconies took center stage during the COVID-19 stay-at-home era. In country after country, people responded by taking to their balconies. Musicians serenaded daily; neighbors lifted each other’s spirit; individuals joined in unison to applaud health care workers, and everyone just got outside to enjoy the view and serenity from their terraces.

night view of the strip from the terrace at one las vegas

As part of a marvelously uplifting CBS Sunday Morning segment entitled When a Balcony is a Stage, reporter Seth Doane not only showcases the beautiful music emanating from up high that inspired a world-wide community, but has an entertaining conversation with art historian Liz Lev who points to the prominence of balconies and terraces in the course of human events.

terrace setting with two plush white lounge chairs points toward lush green courtyard view during daylight

At both Juhl and One Las Vegas, balconies and terraces have long been a focal point of these high-rise Las Vegas communities, and now, it seems, the whole world agrees.

a balcony with two white chairs at night looks out over las vegas territory

“As real estate developers, we’ve always known the impact terraces have on lifestyle and the human psyche,” said Uri Vaknin, a partner at KRE Capital, which owns both Juhl and One Las Vegas. “Residents have long embraced the ability to enjoy their oversized terraces year-round, and now have even greater appreciation for their picturesque vantage point of the world around them,” said Vaknin. “As Las Vegas and the world opens-up, terraces will not only be seen as an ability to bring indoor living outside, but as a collected memory of the best of human nature!”

Night view from balcony at one las vegas showcases the strip