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The Future of Live-Work Spaces and Consumer Desires

interior shot of an office decorated space inside of Juhl


In what’s being called the “great resignation of 2021” sources like Microsoft and Monster are reporting that nearly 50 percent of the American workforce is considering quitting their current jobs. For some, this decision comes down to not wanting to return to time-sucking commutes and restrictive office limitations, instead opting for permanent remote working or launching entrepreneurial businesses.


While some corporate CEOs have been caught short-sighted by these consumer shifts, nimble luxury condominium developers like Uri Vaknin – whose company owns Juhl, the luxury condominium community that spans an entire city block in downtown Las Vegas and features its popular Live-Work Two-Story Studio Collection – is way ahead of the curve in understanding what amenities and experiences the new workforce and condo-homebuyers desire.


view of the kitchen island leading into the main living space of a home at Juhl


“This dramatic shift involves so much more that changing the way we work. It’s a mass discovery of how we want to balance life and work,” said Vaknin. “People have spent close to 18 months evaluating how and where they want to work, but more importantly how they want to live.


According to Vaknin, the majority of those who have purchased Juhl’s Live-Work two-story condos are first impressed by the nuances that allow live-work spaces to function best such as clearly defined areas that separate work from home.


Buyers are also drawn to Juhl’s downtown Las Vegas urban location that has a defined sense of community and allows for easy access to daily amenities like neighborhood coffee shops as well as restaurants and entertainment venues, in addition to a vibrant growing Arts District where the area’s creative vibe is palpable.


Vaknin also notes that Juhl residents find the personal connections they crave through gatherings at the condo community’s resort-style pool area and roof-top terrace.


interior shot of a downstairs workspace at Juhl with a variety of tables and white chairs


Reinforcing those consumer and homebuyer trends that Vaknin foretold, recent surveys and deep-dive articles boast such intriguing headlines like “It’s Official: Live, Play, Work is the New Live, Work, Play.”


The results of a July 2021 survey report say Americans have flipped the script” with a “shift in how people are using space.”


  • When ranking the prioritization of live-work-play pre-COVID compared to today, work drops four percentage points, a statistically significant drop. Today’s rankings of those surveyed: live: 43 percent; play 31 percent; work 26 percent.
  • Americans today have higher expectations for their homes to deliver not only on basic safety (94%) and access to essentials (93%), but also green space (88%) and proximity to retail (82%).
  • There’s a renewed emphasis on gathering outside the home or office. At the top of this list are shops, restaurants, and greenspaces.


In Las Vegas this new breed of the American worker is finding the answer to their live-work desires at Juhl. Juhl’s Studio Collection has a ground floor work space that is ready for customization and features high ceilings, large windows, concrete flooring, commercial-type glass door entrance and a half-bath. And for those in a retail business, visibility from the street is a real plus.

alternate shot of a downstairs workspace at Juhl with a variety of tables and white chairs


An interior stairway to the second floor offers a fully built-out one bedroom, one-bath studio condominium home with separate entrance, 10-foot ceilings and large windows, kitchens with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, a spacious living area with an adjacent dining area with access to a full balcony.


Residents of Juhl have access to on-site amenities and services that surpass resort living, including dedicated concierge, 24-hour security, a two-story fitness center with Strip views, resort pool with cabanas, summer kitchens and grilling stations, alfresco movie theater, a 10th-floor wine and viewing deck, private pet walk, on-site dry cleaning, and electric car charging stations. The Promenade at Juhl also provides direct access dining and entertainment on the community’s ground floor.


A leisurely stroll from Juhl will find coffee shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars and nightlife, including Las Vegas’ new Brewery Row where a growing number of artisan breweries are gaining a loyal following. Within the Arts District are new galleries, museums and live theatre. And nearby Smith Center for the Performing Arts, is the city’s cultural center.  What’s not to love?