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Working Out in 2022: The Best Gyms in Downtown Vegas

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It’s finally the New Year and America’s Going to the Gym Again – driven partially by a desire for the in-club experience that brings with it the accountability of fitness coaching, sense of accomplishment and socialization with like-minded individuals who are working toward the common goal of physical and mental well-being. 


That increase in gym attendance is evident in downtown Las Vegas at two facilities that offer different approaches to achieving the same results – getting and staying healthy and fit. 

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Relentless Warrior Fitness

Located on the ground floor of the Juhl Las Vegas condominium complex on Bonneville is Relentless Warrior Fitness. Open 24/7, the center was founded by former SEC Ole Miss football player and best-selling author of “In Spite of the Odds,” Richie Contartesi. 


In the heart of downtown Las Vegas, Relentless Warrior offers workouts unlike any other with coaches who are focused not only on form, stabilization, consistency, and growing your fitness routine, but on lifestyle changes that keep you motivated. 


Not everyone, however, is totally foregoing their home-workouts for the gym. While many Americans are sharing a newfound affinity for in-gym workouts, fitness industry analysts predict that post-pandemic workouts will mirror the world of work and that a hybrid model will emerge. “There is a place for both,” [home and in-gym] says Joanna Zeng O’Brien, a senior analyst at Moody’s Investors Service who covers the fitness industry. “In the end, we’re social animals, right? I could see people having a Peloton bike at home and still going to the gym.”

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Real Results Fitness

Specializing in that hybrid approach to fitness is Real Results Fitness on S. Commerce St. in downtown Las Vegas. Perhaps best known for its 12-Weeks REAL Nutrition Program, the fitness center offers both virtual and in-person training.

Located in the Arts District, Real Results thrives on creating lifestyles focused on health, fitness and personal growth. This boutique-style gym sets itself apart with a variety of cardio and weight classes both in-person and Zoom. 


Resident Fitness Center at Juhl

Yet another twist to the hybrid-workout is mirroring homebuyers’ decision to opt for the luxury condominium lifestyle. At Juhl, which spans an entire city block in downtown Las Vegas, residents work out at the community’s two-story fitness center. With an array of state-of-the-art equipment plus pool and Strip views, Juhl’s fitness center makes it easy to get to the gym and is a great way to stay healthy, motivated and confident! 


Maintaining your 2022 Fitness Resolution Goals

Whether you choose home work-outs, in-gym routines or a hybrid, January brings encouragement to get things back on track, set new goals, and reevaluate how you can live your best life. There’s no time like  the present to take care of your body and health. Here are a few trends and tips from that can help you stay on track.


Accountability Buddies 

Working out in pairs (or more) is a continued way to focus on fitness. Feelings of burnout may be common heading into 2022, so having a partner who gives you a healthy sense of camaraderie and competition can help push you to stay committed to your goals. It also provides a sounding board when you need suggestions for nutritious recipes or fresh cardio ideas.


Wellness Goals vs. Fitness

Committing to overall wellness is more about lifestyle changes. Forgo numeric goals based on performance in the gym or on the scale and instead emphasize outcomes that affect life, nourishing both body and mind together as one. 

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Health in Small, Achievable Doses

This trend is all about recognizing health transformations don’t happen overnight, and even modest steps can make a big difference in how you feel. One example is paying more attention to your hydration. If you aren’t properly hydrated, few other things tend to go right.


It’s time to get moving! Whether you’re looking for a high intensity routine, a personalized fitness program, or an at-home workout, Juhl and downtown Las Vegas has you covered.