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Las Vegas Tops National List of Most Women-Owned Businesses

Nevada Named One of the Best States for Women’s Equality

Did you know that Nevada was one of a handful of states to give women the right to vote years before the passage of the 19th Amendment? It’s a legacy of female empowerment that has moved the state forward for more than a century.

Today, that legacy of social equality for women thrives in Nevada, and particularly Las Vegas. Recently Las Vegas was recognized as one of the 15 Cities with the Most Female Business Owners. Nevada also was named one of the best states for women’s equality.

Exceeding the national average, more than more than 22% of businesses in Las Vegas are women-owned. This compares favorably to a national figure of one in five. These Las Vegas businesses employ more than 70,000 people and contribute over $5 billion in revenues to the local economy. 



The state’s overall workplace and elected representation provides even more evidence of women’s equality in Nevada. The state ranked second in a 50-state comparison study, which determined where women receive the most equal treatment in the U.S. Nevada holds the number one spot when it comes to the smallest gap between men and women elected officials. The state comes in fifth for women’s hold on executive positions. 

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