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Health and Wellness Design Trends Take Center Stage in 2023

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The Juhl design and marketing teams are renowned for staying on top of the latest trends in décor, colors, finishes, and especially interior designs that empower homeowners to make the most creative and personalized use of their flex spaces.

“Consumers are keen to focus on self-care, health, and wellness – physically, emotionally, and mentally -especially as it relates to their home environment. When it comes to space planning, they are looking to create intentional spaces for activities like meditation, yoga, and exercise as well as fashioning décors that induce harmony and empathy,” said Shahn Douglas, chief marketing officer for DK Las Vegas, which owns Juhl, the modern loft-style high-rise condominium community that spans an entire city block in downtown Las Vegas.

Here are a few consumer-driven design trends that demonstrate the adage “health is the new wealth.”

Paint Colors

“Energizing” earth tones are in, as evidenced by the Sherwin-Williams 2023 Color of the Year – Redend Point, a serene, soulful subtle hue suggestive of desert tones, which Sue Wadden, the company’s director of color marketing, describes as “not too light or too dark, not too moody or too sweet,” can play as a colorful companion to cooler neutrals, tame more overtly colorful choices, and stand on its own, giving a room an uplifting vibe.”

Martha Stewart whose 7 Paint Colors That promote Wellness at Home says, “the color you use on your walls can dictate your overall mood – so surround yourself with hues that make you feel at peace” like biophilic blues and green hues that pull from nature to promote balance and tranquility. For deep thinking and wisdom, turn to purple as most applicable to work spaces. And, soft paler pinks for the ultimate pampering experience.

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Wellness Product & Trends

The recent International Builders Show/ Design & Construction Week at the Las Vegas Convention Center brought to the forefront a multitude of Top 2023 Wellness Products And Trends including Beko’s HarvestFresh appliance, which preserves the nutrients in refrigerated produce with specialized lighting; Bocchi’s award-winning Baveno kitchen sink model with a retractable faucet that creates more counter space when closed off; and Kohler’s ceiling-mounted Purist Suspend Faucet. Kohler also offers its Sprig aromatherapy shower add-on that can easily be installed on any brand’s shower arms for a restorative experience.

Wellness Rooms/Spaces

2023 is the year more homeowners are focused on creating spaces that foster peace of mind and healthy living through meditation, yoga, listening to music, exercise or anything else that help you decompress. “Our well-being has become an even higher priority to navigate everyday stressors and live a more fulfilled life,” says Abbey Stark, IKEA US interior design leader speaking to Better Homes & Garden. “The environments we spend the most time in have a large impact on our mental and physical wellbeing.” In addition to selecting the appropriate color scheme, be sure to incorporate organic and cozy materials for a smooth organic environment.

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Be sure to check out how the modern loft-style condominium-homes at Juhl at 353 E Bonneville Blvd. in downtown Las Vegas offer the flexibility to create your own personalized health and wellness retreat. To learn more, visit the Juhl website or call 702.816.5466.